British Schoolgirls' Races 2023

Training Day Sunday 29th January 2023 
Race days Monday 30th January 2023 and Tuesday 31st January 2023
The British Schoolgirls' Races are organised by the Ladies Ski Club
BSR 2022
We regret that the 2022 races have been cancelled.


With all the frequent rule changes, the testing requirements, and the logistical difficulties if a racer tested positive in the resort, the Ladies Ski Club Committee felt that this was the only responsible course of action.


We look forward to seeing you all again in 2023


Please make sure you come back here then or follow us on twitter (@BSRaces) or on Facebook to make sure you stay up to date with our plans. If you would like to discuss a possible entry or to be put on our reserve list please email Anne Taylor at

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