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James Hallam


Erna Low

ERNA LOW – have looked after our accommodation needs for many years – they are a well- established ski company and Polly Dean who looks after our account is always willing to give advice and to assist you in any way. Erna Low also part sponsor our two receptions.

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Panda Optics


Nimrod Capital

NIMROD CAPITAL have supported the races for the past few years and we are very grateful that, together with Erna Low, they sponsor our two drinks receptions.

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Beyond X

INCLINE SPORTS- Beyond X® have supported the races for the last few years. The prize comprises of a “Custom Printed Racesuit Design” created specifically for the winning school and  “One racesuit in said design at No Cost” on the understanding that a minimum of two further racesuits are ordered which will be offered at a discounted price specifically prepared for the “Schoolgirls' Races”.


Ski Bartlett

SKI BARTLETT have supported British ski racing for over 50 years and we are pleased that they support the British Schoolgirls races each year. Ski Bartlett is home to the largest range of race and recreational ski equipment in the UK, based near Heathrow and also with an extensive range online. They are always ready to give help and advice to make sure everyone buys the correct equipment.

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